Who Goes There?

Author:John W Campbell Jr.
Year Printed:1948
Number Printed:3000
Book Cost:$3.00

By John W. Campbell, Jr., 1948, pp.230, $3.00. 3000 copies printed, of which 200 were signed by Campbell for direct mail customers.

Contents: Introduction/ Who Goes There?/ Blindness/ Frictional Losses/ Dead Knowledge/ Elimination/ Twilight/ Night. Jacket by Hannes Bok.

Reprint: Shasta, 1951, 3000 copies, with new jacket design featuring a scene from the Howard Hawks movie "The Thing" (based on the title story) by Malcolm Smith, $3.00.

The best shorts by Campbell originally done under the pseudonym Don A. Stuart, and considered by many one of the best SF collections ever; a near textbook for would-be writers of all subjects on how to do it right.

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