Science Fiction Carnival

Editor:Frederic Brown & Mack Reynolds
Illustrator:Adri Ames
Year Printed:1953
Number Printed:3500
Book Cost:$3.25

Edited by Fredric Brown and Mack Reynolds, 1953, pp.315, $3.25. 3500 copies printed.

Contents:: Introduction/The Wheel of Time, by Robert Arthur/ SRL Ad, by Richard Matheson/ A Logic Named Joe, by Murray Leinster/ Simworthy's Circus, by Larry Shaw/ The Well-Oiled Machine, by H.B. Fyfe/ Venus and the Seven Sexes, by William Tenn/ Swordsman of Varnis, by Clive Jackson/ Paradise Lost, by Fredric Brown/ Muten, by Eric Frank Russell/ The Martians and the Coys, by Mack Reynolds/ The Ego Machine, by Henry Kuttner/ The Cosmic Jackpot, by George O. Smith/ The Abduction of Abner Greer, by Nelson S. Bond. Jacket by Adri Ames.

Reprint: Shasta, 1954, 2500 copies with tipped-in "second printing" notice. Of these, 300 had flyleaf signed by both editors to make customers happy. Yes, there is a "signed" edition of this title, but no signed firsts. It was only after this second round of signatures that the first batch came back!

Anthology of humorous SF, much of it wildly funny. The first was supposed to have a special with tipped-in sheets signed by both editors, but the book had to be released before Reynolds got the signed sheets back. They sat in Korshak's storage locker for almost 35 years, finally being purchased by Phantasia Press and tipped into their Brown book And the Gods Laughed - in 1987!

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