The Man Who Sold the Moon

Author:Robert A Heinlein
Illustrator:Hubert Rogers
Year Printed:1950
Number Printed:5000
Book Cost:$3.00

By Robert A. Heinlein, 1950, pp.299, $3.00. 5000 copies printed; 250 have tipped-in sheet with author's signature between endpapers and page 1, sent only to direct mail orders.

Contents: Life-Line/ Let There Be Light/ The Roads Must Roll/ Blowups Happen/ The Man Who Sold the Moon/ Requiem.

Reprint: Shasta, 1951, 4000 copies; again, 1955, 2500 copies, so marked. So many mass market paperback editions of this it would make its own bibliography.

Some rewritten from original magazine appearances; Requiem's ending changed for the worse, but overall a great collection, first of the Future History series. Considered by many scholars a landmark book in the field.

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