Empire of the Atom

Author:A.E. van Vogt
Illustrator:Malcolm Smith
Year Printed:1957
Number Printed:2000
Book Cost:$3.00

By A.E. van Vogt, 1957, pp.192, $3.00. 2000 copies printed.

Contents: A Son is Born/ Child of the Gods/ Hand of the Gods/ Home of the Gods/ The Barbarian, all novelized. Jacket by Malcolm Smith.

Reprint: Shasta, 1957, 2500 copies, lacks "First Edition" statement, otherwise identical, $3.00; US SFBC, 1957, $1.00. Cheaply made, says SFBC on d/w and does not say "First Edition" on copyright page.

Clane of Linn's saga is similar to the Roman Emperor Claudius and very enjoyable.

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