The Checklist of Fantastic Literature

Author:Everett F. Bleiler
Illustrator:Hannes Bok
Year Printed:1948
Number Printed:1933
Book Cost:$6.00

By Everett F. Bleiler, 1948, pp.453, $6.00. 1933 copies printed. With an introduction by Erle "Melvin" Korshak and a jacket by Hannes Bok (a simplified drawing of which became the Shasta logo seen at top of screen).

Reprints: There is a Shasta "second printing" but this slug was added when all the originals were printed and is part of the first run; those without it are the first state, the rest being bound early 1949. Others: Fax Collector's Editions, 1972 (which see - Dikty again!); Firebell Books, 1972 (which see - Bleiler himself). The Fax is a photo-reprint of the Shasta; the Fireball's a new one with additions and corrections, but it still doesn't go past 1948.

Called with justification the Collector's Bible, even down to the weight of the Paper. Lists over 5000 titles by title and author, but all pre-1949.

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