An Adventure in Good Reading

Editor:Erle M. Korshak
Year Printed:1946
Number Printed:1000
Book Cost:

Edited by Erle "Melvin" Korshak, 1946, pp.29 [front and inside front cover not paginated, but inside back is], free to customers of the book operation. Approximately 1000 copies printed, all paperbound and saddle-stapled. Contains the article "Trials and Tribulations of a Collector, or, The Sex Life of the Great American Auk (White)", by Federick B. Shroyer, with photo of FBS, cartoons from various magazines, photo-reprint of Time review of Algernon Blackwood's The Doll and One Other (Arkham House), and tiny fillers including a short poem by José Marti! Cover is just text; back cover is blank.

Essentially just next in a series of mail-order OP SF book catalogs from Korshak, but the first publication ever to carry the Shasta: Publishers imprint. "Erle" Korshak is listed separately in colophon than melvin; although one and the same person, it appears here that this was done to deliberarely create a second persona and has led to much confusion over the years since.

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