10th Anniversary Issue: Melvin Korshak: Bookseller

Editor:Melvin Korshak
Illustrator:Ralph Rayburn Phillips
Year Printed:1948
Number Printed:1000
Book Cost:

Edited by Melvin Korshak, 1948, pp.38 (cover and inside front not paginated, but back inside and outside are), no price. Approximately a thousand copies printed, paperbound and saddle-stapled. Illustrated with lots more reprinted cartoons, some with captions replaced by others Shasta-specific, reprinted old illustrations from various sources, etc. Back cover more cartoon reprints and a couple of orig┬Činals; front cover by Ralph Rayburn Phillips.

Includes a rambling essay by Korshak, long quotations from the likes of John Milton, short filler poetry by Korshak, an appreciation of Korshak's book dealing skills by Mark Reinsberg, even favorite statue inscriptions, as well as major ads for other small press publishers like Arkham House and Carcosa House, etc. Korshak also gives his basic SF bookshelf. Detailed promotion of the Checklist is here as well, along with a profile of Bleiler. A fascinating little item. In case you're interested, a mint Outsider and Others is listed at $42.50, a Beyond the Wall of Sleep at $22.50. Oh - this was the tenth anniversary of Korshak going into the mail order OP and new SF book dealing business - and what turned out to be his last catalog for it.

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